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Surratt Law Practice, PC is a Reno, Nevada LGBT Family Law friendly firm. Our firm has weathered the storm with you and have practiced in this area of law for years. LGBT Family Law comes with a unique set of legal questions and needs. You will want to hire a firm likes ours who can give you all the protections that you need to keep your family safe. Surratt Law Practice welcomes all families in need of legal protection.

Surratt Law Practice is committed to serving clients embarking on their parenting journeys. For a compassionate family law attorney, we warmly invite you to call today.

The LGBT community has a significant number of complex legal issues that may or may not take place in other family formation or divorce matters because of the rapid pace of changing laws, legal uncertainties and inconsistencies between State laws. Nevada made a significant shift in these rights in October of 2009 when Nevada Domestic Partnerships became effective. Kimberly Surratt, the principal of Surratt Law Practice, testified at the Nevada Legislature in support of domestic partnerships and is proud of her role in assisting the passage of the bill. Now, of course, marriage equality as passed. However, that has not proven to fix all of the parentage inequality in the United States.

Surratt Law Practice has become nationally and internationally recognized for their efforts in the LGBT community. When dealing with these complex issues you want an attorney that is nationally and internationally connected. One that has a network of LGBT attorneys at their fingertips to assist you in these complex matters. Surratt Law Practice in Reno Nevada knows that your family matters and that we can assist you in a belt and suspenders approach.

We have the ability to help Nevada LGBT families with a variety of legal issues specifically faced by same sex couples, including but not limited to:

  • Prenuptial, Postnuptial and Cohabitation Agreements (with consideration to partnership recognitions outside of marriage and/or outside of the State of Nevada)
  • Division of property upon separation
  • Gay and Lesbian Divorce
  • Custody and Support of Children for LGBT parents
  • Dissolution of long-term relationships
  • HIPAA regulations and health care directives, including Last Wills and
  • Testaments and Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Non-biological parent and second parent adoptions
  • Third Party Adoptions
  • Reallocation of assets
  • Marriage contracts for transgender couples
  • Donor insemination agreements
  • Living together agreements, including sharing of expenses
  • Contract for long term couples
  • Agreements to combine income and assets
  • Parenting agreements between parents
  • Surrogacy for LGBT Intended Parents
  • Name changes for transgender clients
  • Egg, Embryo and Sperm Donation Contracts
  • Advocacy for LGBT clients with medical clinics
  • Representation of Medical Clinics and Hospitals to assure non-discrimination of LGBT Clients

Surratt Law Practice takes a holistic approach to LGBT matters. If our LGBT lawyers can’t help you (for example an employment rights matter) then our firm will help you find a law firm that will understand your rights, please call and ask us for a referral.
Schedule your consultation today with a Surratt Law Practice attorney to let us help protect you, your partner, your child and your assets from unnecessary and unforeseen circumstances before they arise. Surratt Law Practice warmly invites you to contact a Nevada LGBT family law attorney today at (775) 636-8200 or email for an LGBT family law consultation.

“Kim Surratt and her Surratt Law Practice, PC are devoted, caring, professional, and sensitive people. I would recommend them to everyone. When your needs are met you have friends for life.”

~Carol McKim

Nevadans seeking to enter into a LGBTQ family need an LGBTQ family law attorney. To build your family with the help of an LGBTQ friendly family law attorney, call Surratt Law Practice.

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