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At Surratt Law Practice, we represent all families in need of legal counsel. With an extensive history in advocating for the people of Nevada, we offer our clients legal support in all phases of life. Whether you’re an LGBT couple looking to embark on your parenting journey, or a high asset individual preparing your estate, we’ve got the resources you need to navigate the legal process seamlessly.

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Supporting Clients in All Areas of Family Law

We take a holistic approach to representing a diverse client base in all areas of family law. From cradle to grave, we can help your family navigate through the complexities of the legal system. Whether you are looking to expand your family, preparing for the future, or seeking to separate, our experienced family law attorneys help you put your family first through the changes life brings.

Thousands of children across the nation are in need of a safe place to call home. Surratt Law Practice helps make the dream of having a family a reality. Through guidance on written consents, parental rights, legal requirements, and other complex steps, we help families keep the adoption process a stress-free experience. Our adoption attorneys are experienced in handling a wide variety of adoption cases, such as open and closed adoptions, contested adoptions, LGBT adoptions, single and multi parent adoptions, stepparent adoptions, and adult adoptions. In addition, we can help families navigate post-adoption complications and contractual agreements.

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Assisted reproduction

Pursuing a family through assisted reproduction, such as ovum donations or a surrogacy journey, involves legal processes that can be overwhelming for donors, surrogates, and intended parents alike. At Surratt Law Practice, our assisted reproduction attorneys are well versed in navigating all aspects of this parenting process. From lobbying the surrogacy statutes in Nevada, to representing families on their parenting journey, we have the experience necessary to help you navigate drafting/signing agreements, negotiating contracts with matching programs, and establishing your parental rights.

Navigating divorce is an emotional process for people. Interpersonal conflicts, combined with the complexity of the legal process, can make this a trying time for people. At Surratt Law Practice, we provide clarity and support while guiding you through your divorce. Whether you are filing for a contested divorce or searching for an alternative collaborative solution, our attorneys can help lessen the burden of the legal process. While we seek to help our clients avoid a strenuous court appearance, our divorce attorneys are prepared to advocate for you and your family if your disputes are unresolvable outside of court.

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Nevada public policy affords parents the right to remain a part of their children’s’ lives following divorce or separation. There are two kinds of custody for the courts to consider: legal custody and physical custody. Though parents normally share joint legal custody and therefore share decision-making power, physical custody is typically split between the parties. A court will consider a variety of personal and situational factors when making a physical custody determination in Nevada, but the primary concern is placed on the best interests of the children.

The courts may also designate child support payments to be paid. Child support is intended to provide for the needs of your children. Whether you are fighting to receive child support or disputing a disproportionate payment designation, our child custody lawyers will advocate for you and your children to ensure that they receive the appropriate amount of support.

We welcome all families in need of legal protection. At Surratt Law Practice, our LGBT friendly family law attorneys have weathered the storm of advocating, in court and at the legislature, for LGBTQ individuals and their families in a variety of legal processes. We help LGBTQ families navigate legal issues such as prenuptial, post-nuptial, and cohabitation agreements, adoption, donor insemination, surrogacy, divorce, legal separation, estate planning, marriage contracts, name changes, and child custody agreements.

“Melissa and her team did an amazing job with our case. It seemed complicated to us, but the attorneys were efficient and professional, and kept us informed each step of the way. If we have need for similar services in the future, Melissa and the team at Surratt Law will be our first call.”

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Do I Need a Nevada Family Law Attorney?

Navigating the legal system independently can place unnecessary stress on families. Working with a family law attorney for your divorce, adoption, surrogacy journey, or child custody case can help ensure that you have a successful outcome. With an experienced attorney to shoulder the burden of the law for you, you can focus on making the decisions that are right for your family.

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FAQs About Family Law in Nevada

In Nevada, an unfit parent is defined as a parent who is deemed incapable of providing proper care, guidance, and support through reason of their own fault, habit, or conduct toward the child. Conduct such as child abuse, substance use or exposure, and willful neglect are some behaviors that would qualify a person as an unfit parent.

In Nevada, the grounds for divorce are irreconcilable differences, living separate and apart for a minimum of one year, and incurable insanity existing for at least two years prior to the action. For a Nevada divorce to be granted on the no-fault grounds of irreconcilable differences or living separately and apart, the petitioner must simply state that the conditions exist. However, corroborative evidence is required to obtain a divorce based on incurable insanity.

Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation when resolving family law matters. Mediation allows people to work together to find solutions that meet their family’s unique needs and preferences, creating a more positive experience for families. Participants have more control over their futures, the setting is less stressful, and people are often able to resolve their disputes more quickly. As an added bonus, mediation is significantly less expensive than going to trial.