Family Law Conference Donates $11,500 to Support ONE Promise Nevada

At the 2016 Annual Family Law Conference, held at Ely, Nevada on March 30, 2016, members of the State Bar of Nevada Family Law Section and attendees donated $11,500 to the ONE Promise Nevada Campaign to fund legal aid for low-income individuals or organizations serving low-income individuals. Attorneys also were recognized for their support and service.

The ONE Promise Nevada Campaign is a pro bono program of the Nevada Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission and the State Bar of Nevada and encourages every attorney in Nevada to take one pro bono case or participate in one legal clinic.

Justice Michael Douglas recognized attorneys for past service provided to the thousands of Nevadans who were in need of legal aid last year. Justice Douglas, on behalf of the Access to Justice Commission, presented awards to:

  •   Kimberly Surratt, of the Surratt Law Practice, P.C. in northern Nevada
  •   Kelly C. Brown, of Kelly C. Brown, PLLC in eastern Nevada
  •   Corinne Price, of The Fine and Price Law Group in southern Nevada
  •   Natalia Vander Laan, of Vander Laan Law Firm, LLC in western Nevada

In addition to supporting pro bono projects, members of the State Bar of Nevada Family Law Section attended family law training during the educational event held March 3 and 4.

Recently the ONE Promise Nevada Campaign launched a new initiative – Inspire One, a pro bono ambassador program designed to spread the word about pro bono service in the state and to enlist other attorneys into doing pro bono work.

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Kimberly Surratt served for eight years on the executive council and has been the vice chair and then chair of the State Bar of Nevada Family Law Section. In addition, she is the President-Elect of the Nevada Justice Association and the chair of the domestic lobbying committee. She has lobbied with the Nevada Justice Association since 2004.

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