Why Collaborative?

By: Melissa L. Exline

I was reading this interesting article about Collaborative Divorce on the Huffpost website.

This is a good article to explain why divorcing couples choose the Collaborative model, how it works and what the benefits are.  Key words that stick out from this article include “dignity” “respect” and “solutions.”  Certainly, these terms are not what come to mind in the typical divorce under the adversarial litigation model.

Personally, I like to think of Collaborative as allowing more options than a traditional litigated divorce.  Instead of each side trying to maximize how much each gets from the limited “pie” — the collaborative team can think outside-the-box to see how to meet as many of the parties’ needs as possible.

Kimberly Surratt served for eight years on the executive council and has been the vice chair and then chair of the State Bar of Nevada Family Law Section. In addition, she is the President-Elect of the Nevada Justice Association and the chair of the domestic lobbying committee. She has lobbied with the Nevada Justice Association since 2004.

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