Divorcing Families Are Actively Struggling With Addiction

Many divorcing families who end up in Family Court have struggled, or are actively struggling with addiction issues. Whether mine is the client with addiction issues, or the client on the other side of the case is the one struggling with addiction, the entire family (and the case) are impacted by the addiction. When parties have children, the addiction often takes center stage as the rest of the family and the legal issues swirl around the main feature, the addiction.

As has been well documented in science, addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. However, regardless of this fact, its detrimental impact on families is undeniable. One of the hallmarks of addiction is relapse. Often times, an addict will accept that this is a problem bigger than him/herself and seek rehabilitation or other forms of treatment. Getting clean or sober is something that seems to occur fairly frequently in families dealing with addiction. However, maintaining sobriety over the long term is more of a struggle.

I buy finasteride 5mg online read this opinion piece in the New York Times http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/02/09/staying-sober-after-treatment-ends/?smprod=nytcore-ipad?register=facebook and found the apps detailed in the article addressing maintaining sobriety worth learning more about.

A-Chess, www.chessmobilehealth.com is a mobile app that checks in daily with recovering alcoholics to ask how strong they feel about their sobriety on that day. If the answer is not a strong one, other A-Chess app users in the area are alerted and can check in with the person who feels his/her sobriety being tested. It also sends alerts if the addict is going to an area where he or she used to get drugs, or use, and again, alerts other A-Chess app users who can then reach out and intervene.

Given that maintaining sobriety is an ongoing challenge for addicts, additional helpful resources are worth knowing about both to recommend to my own clients, or to ask the Court to order the use of such apps if they will assist a client on the other side of a case struggling with addiction.

Kimberly Surratt served for eight years on the executive council and has been the vice chair and then chair of the State Bar of Nevada Family Law Section. In addition, she is the President-Elect of the Nevada Justice Association and the chair of the domestic lobbying committee. She has lobbied with the Nevada Justice Association since 2004.

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