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Many divorcing families who end up in Family Court have struggled, or are actively struggling with addiction issues. Whether mine is the client with addiction issues, or the client on the other side of the case is the one struggling with addiction, the entire family (and the case) are impacted by the addiction. When parties have children, the addiction often takes center stage as the rest of the family and the legal issues swirl around the main feature, the addiction.
I wish that all of my divorce clients were able to get to this place with their former spouse, particularly when they have children together. This article filled me with hope because here is a real life example of a divorced couple successfully navigating together time as a family despite all of the challenges to doing so. I have some former clients who have been able to achieve this as well.
Prior to the start of a divorce case, there are no orders and you can “move things around” as you need. However, you have a duty to your spouse to be financially responsible and to not be wasteful of marital money. Keep track of the things you do as the Court is likely to want a description of any “big steps.”
Divorce! I often joke with my client’s that it is a hard area of law to be in. That if I have to assist a client in fighting over a blender one more time I’m going to buy a warehouse full of blenders and start giving them out as gifts when people retain us as their lawyer. All kidding aside, I know what drives people to this point. It isn’t really about the blender.
Many divorcing parties are unaware of the fact that Nevada’s community property law requires an “equal division” at divorce. A divorcing couple will often have a general discussion about splitting assets, but do not take the time to determine of the agreement complies with Nevada law or otherwise meet legal requirements for an unequal buy proscar uk online disposition.
I read this article in the Wall Street Journal which is an excerpt from a forthcoming memoir about getting through a divorce. It is a personal recollection, but one worth reading. It also reflects on the Gen X’ers who have defined families in contrast to our parents, but sometimes still find themselves in a similar buy genuine proscar family place – namely divorcing – despite all of their best efforts.


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