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Dealing with divorce is tough no matter the circumstance. But, being prepared, and taking the time to learn a few things about your finances before the process begins can help make dealing with the stress a bit easier. Nevada is a community property state, so it is important to know how this will impact your specific financial situation. Knowing what types of things will be considered is key to making good decisions and not being blindsided by learning, after-the-fact, that certain things are ripe for division in divorce.
The Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, section 1271, regulates human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products. The purpose was to establish donor eligibility, current good tissue practice, and other procedures to prevent the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable diseases. This included oocyte (egg) donations, and semen donations for use in assisted reproductive technology cases.
Few family law attorneys in Nevada offer Collaborative Divorce as a means for couples to obtain a decree of divorce. This is despite the fact that the Collaborative Law approach to dispute resolution has grown nationally as a means to aid couples trying to get a divorce. Indeed, as far back as 2011, Nevada enacted the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, which specifically allows for the Collaborative Law process. NRS 38.400 et. seq.
Reading the New York Times, I came across this article about States that are passing laws to give guidance to Judges in Family Court regarding family pets in divorce. Nevada has no laws in place dealing with who gets the pets in a divorce, nor am I aware of any currently pending legislation dealing with this issue.
You are married to the love of your life and she has children. Bum Bio Dad never pays child support so you pay for everything. You even discuss adoption with Mother so the children will be yours, too. Then you find out Mother saw you only as the ‘lust’ of her life, and her true ‘love’ was rediscovered at her high school reunion. She tells you ‘it’s over’ while wearing his letter jacket and you think “How could she fall for a mathlete over me?” As a parting gift, Mother files a case for child support against you. When do the promises of adoption turn to glue to stick to you?
Local Northern Nevada lawyers, mental health professionals and financial experts are again working to bring Collaborative Practice to the table as an option to resolve family law disputes. Keep your eyes on the website as we begin naming all the new members of Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals (NCDP). Melissa L. Exline, Esq. is the Vice President of NCDP and looks forward to working to bring this existing model to life in Nevada once again.
Divorce is a difficult and troubling time for most. Divorce gets especially hard when a couple has to determine what to do with Fido, Fifi, or Rex. The pet industry is a multi-Billion dollar industry.[1] For many Americans without children, or for even those with children, the family pet is just that – family. Thus, what happens to your furry loved one on divorce can have serious emotional impact for all involved.


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