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Here is the 3-4 cubic yards of trash my volunteers and I pulled out of the Wetland between Los Altos and Disc Drive. Thank you to everyone who came out to help us.
In a divorce law practice, we deal with our share of conflict. Conflict between spouses, conflict with other lawyers, conflict with the Judge. We help guide clients through conflict and hopefully assist them to the other side. And it’s difficult. Some days conflict can overwhelm everything else and make it nearly impossible to get anything accomplished. It can be a significant drain on mental and emotional resources.
For married couples, an issue that arises often is this: One party might have better credit, or, a property was purchased with help from family. Later, a new loan is needed to get more favorable terms or remove the family members from title or the loan. Thus, one spouse asks the other to sign a deed prepared by the title company, at the request of a lender, so that a new loan or refinance can be acquired. If you sign a deed on a property giving your interest to another, spouse or otherwise – be prepared for the court to force you to honor the terms of the deed. It will not matter if you did not intend to give away your interest. Absent a clear contract signed by both parties spelling out the reasons for the deed, it will likely be considered a gift – period.
When the kids are put in the middle of their parents’ divorce, parents can inadvertently, and sometimes purposefully harm their children. While most parents going through a divorce will occasionally let their anger at their spouse show in front of their children, there is a greater level of estrangement a parent can cause called Parental Alienation Syndrome.
Few family law attorneys in Nevada offer Collaborative Divorce as a means for couples to obtain a decree of divorce. This is despite the fact that the Collaborative Law approach to dispute resolution has grown nationally as a means to aid couples trying to get a divorce. Indeed, as far back as 2011, Nevada enacted the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, which specifically allows for the Collaborative Law process. NRS 38.400 et. seq.
There is a separate Family Court in Clark and Washoe counties which handle all aspect of family litigation, things like divorces, adoptions, and guardianships. In every other county, family law cases are handed by “general jurisdiction” judges who hear every kind of case, things like criminal, real estate, and contract disputes.
Today, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, True Colors Fund, co-founded by Cyndi Lauper, and Time Out Youth in Charlotte, North Carolina, released an innovative guide for LGBTQ youth facing the daunting prospect of living on their own after leaving unsupportive or abusive homes, or aging out of foster care. On Our Own: A Survival Guide for Independent LGBTQ Youth is geared toward older teens and young adults forced to fend for themselves, typically without parental support and often lacking the skills or resources needed to live safely and begin building a successful life. The guide provides practical advice on essential topics ranging from finding housing, going to school and opening a bank account, to getting a job, accessing healthcare and living on a budget.


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